Image vf19a shows the original set of Victorian door and side panels placed with a later set of fanlights. The customer wished to replace the fanlights and have something more in keeping with the panels below. Vf19c shows the customers design, fine tuned by the painter, pasted up and ready for leading. The door panels and one side panel came into the studio for major surgery! At least 2 generations of repair work had left the painted pieces looking ragged and ill matching with some broken pieces not replaced at all. On a job like this the painter uses all their skill to match paint and stain and ensure that the line up of the image to the next piece is accurate. The painter Flora Jamieson, got an excellent match even down to the reflective colour of the light off the paint! Use of old border glass from stock and a mix of reds for the inner border helped to complete an authentic look. To see close ups of the Victorian birds click here pw41a and here pw41b
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