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Old Glass Directory
A directory that will be built up over time. You can use this directory to email or print out a glass type if you are trying to find a match to a broken or missing piece. You can also use this directory to estimate when your panel was made. If you have any photos or information that you would like to add to the directory please contact us and help build up this resource for everyone's use. Also, if you are someone who has old glass that they wish to sell then please contact us.

Ref: Chance Brothers Festival

Ref: Chance Brothers Small Glistre

Ref: Chance Brothers Spotlyte

Ref: Pilkingtons Amazon

Ref: Pilkingtons Argent

Ref: Pilkingtons Hammered No.1

Ref: Pilkingtons Hammered No.2

Ref: Pilkingtons Hammered No.3

Ref: Pilkingtons Kaleidoscope

Ref: Pilkingtons Radiant

Ref: Pilkingtons Borealis

Ref: Pilkingtons Majestic

Ref: Pilkingtons Pinstripe

Ref: Pilkingtons Rimpled

Ref: Chance Brothers Muranese

Ref: Chance Brothers Pattern D

Ref: lustre

Ref: Pilkington Arctic

Ref: Pilkington Japanese Sample

Ref: Pilkington Muroglass

Ref: Stars and Swirls Clear