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There are various levels of repairs. Sometimes only single panes need replacing and this can be done on-site. If there are too many cracks and especially if they are adjacent then the panel may need to come out as it is easier to repair the panel on the bench. If the panel is bowing, the joints cracked and the panes seem loose then it is likely that the panel will need rebuilding with new leadwork, solder and a fresh cement and clean up. Stained glass panels have a lifespan of 80-100 years and many Victorian panels are still robust but over time the lead can decay, tie wires can break, support bar can come loose and cement in door panels, that are constantly being opened and closed, can fall out. Many old glasses are no longer made and this can make matching old broken glass tricky. At Apollo Stained Glass, we take pride in finding the best match either from our extensive stock of old glass or from a restoration substitute.

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