Copyright Notice

Different stained glass companies have different passions! The images on this site reflect and are the result of many years of keen architectural interest and this is shown in the layout of the site from Regency through to contemporary designs. Many of the traditional designs shown on this site were either popular at the time or are copies or adaptations of the street style. In period style work there is (naturally) a lot of copying. However at Apollo Stained Glass we work hard to make period style work unique for each customer. Depending on the customers preference we can adapt original patterns or design new ones in keeping with the house and the customers interests. By using extensive knowledge of vintage and modern glasses gained via retail experience, old and new designs are given colour, sparkle and life! Therefore if you wish to copy work made by Apollo Stained Glass from this website in either traditional or contemporary style you are requested to ask permission. Thank you - it is unlikely that your request will be refused!